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Are you interested in learning more about Business and Human Rights?
You can find a course here.
You can do this course online.
This is the link to the course: https://www.humanrights4dev.org/
The German Institute for Human Rights
and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
made this course.

The course is barrier-free.
The course is free of charge.
You must register to take part.

You can take your time.
This means:
You can do a part of the course every day.
Or you can do the whole course in one day.
The computer saves your progress.
You can access your answers for up to one month after your last login.

In the course, you will learn more about these topics:

  • Human rights
  • Labour rights
  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
    The UN Guiding Principles are rules.
    They are about human rights in business.

The course has three units.
Each unit takes about 15 minutes.
You can do the units one after the other
but you can also jump between the units.

Unit 1 introduces the topic of Human Rights.
Unit 1 has 5 slides.

Unit 2 introduces the topic of Business and Human Rights.
Unit 2 has 3 slides.

Unit 3 gives more details on the topic of Business and Human Rights.
Unit 3 has 17 slides.

Each unit has a different structure.
This means: We use different formats to give you more information on each topic.

For instance:

  • Multiple choice tests
    This means: You have 3 tries to answer a question.
    Please note: You do not have to answer the questions.
  • Open text fields
    This means: You can enter your answers or own ideas.
  • Texts and tips for you
    Here you can find links to other websites for further information.
  • Charts, graphics and photos.

This website was published and last updated in 2023.

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