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How to use this site

Welcome to the website Business and Human Rights

This website gives you access to an online course.
In the course, you can learn more about:

  • Human rights
  • The world of business

The course has three units.
It is barrier-free and it is free of charge.
You must register to take part.

This is how the website works

The website Business and Human Rights has three areas:

  • The header
  • The main part
  • The footer

The header

You can find the following in the header:

  • The logo of the German Institute for Human Rights
  • The menu bar

The logo

The logo is in the header on the left.
Click on the logo.
This will always take you back to the main page.

The menu bar

The menu bar is under the logo.
You can find these items in the menu bar:

  • E-Learning Course
  • About
  • Registration
  • Login

Select About in the menu bar.
You will then receive more information on the online course.

Do you want to access the course for the first time?
Select Registration in the menu bar.
Now you can register for the course.
A new page opens with an online form.
Fill in the online form and click on Register now.
Do not forget to agree to our Data protection and Privacy Policy.
You do this by clicking on the checkbox under the online form.
You are now registered and can do the online course.

Are you are already registered?
Then select Login in the menu bar.
Here, you can access the course.

Click Logout if you want to leave the course.
The button Logout only appears when you are logged in.

Do you want to return to the main page?
Please select E-Learning-Course in the menu bar.
Then you will always return to the main page

The main part

The main part has two text boxes with a green background.
Click on a text box and you reach the following pages:

  • About with more information on the online course.
  • Registration where you can register for the course.

The footer

The footer is at the bottom of the website.
Here you can find the following information:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Legal Policy
  • Accessibility Statement

Select Privacy Policy.
You will then find more information on how we protect your data.

Select Legal Policy.
Here, we inform you on the following:
Who is responsible for this website.
Who made this website.

Select Accessibility Statement.
Here, we inform you on the accessibility of this website.
We tell you how we make this website barrier-free.

At the very bottom of the website, you can find two logos.

The logo of
the German Agency for International Cooperation.
Click on the logo.
You will then reach the website of this Agency.

The logo of
the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
You can click on the logo to reach the website of this Ministry.

How to start the online course

Select Login in the menu bar.
Enter your username and your password and click Login.
Now, you can start the online course.

Have you already done part of the online course?
Then, you can always continue the course where you last stopped.
Your work will be saved for up to one month after your last login.

Have you forgotten your password?
You can find a link under the log-in button.
The link takes you to the Request password page.
Enter your email address and click Reset password.
You will then receive an email with further instructions for your new password.

How to use the online course

After logging-in, you can start the online course.
You can see a green progress bar in the header of the learning content.
The progress bar is divided into several units:

These are the learning units of your online course.
Here, you can jump back and forward between the learning content.
The unit on which you are currently working is marked in blue.

At the beginning of each unit, you receive the following information:

  • Content of the learning unit
  • Scope of the learning unit
  • Duration of the learning unit

You will do different tasks in each learning unit.
Each learning unit can have different formats.
For instance:

  • Texts
  • Diagrams
  • Charts, graphics and photos
  • Open text fields
    Here, you can enter your own thoughts.

Use the buttons Back or Next to jump between the tasks.

There are multiple choice questions in each learning unit.
You have three attempts to give a correct answer.
Choose an answer and click Submit.

If you answer is correct:
A green text appears, telling you that your answer is correct.

If your answer is incorrect:
A red text will appear, telling you that your answer is incorrect.

After three attempts with incorrect answers,
you will see the correct answer in green below the question.
Now, you have no more attempts.
This means: You cannot answer the question again.
Now, the Submit button is grey and you have no more attempts.

Click Next.
You will move to the next question.
You can also skip a question by clicking the Next button.

Please note:
The computer always saves your work.
You can access your answers for up to one month after your last login.

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